Fresh Water

Lightnights Aqualuna 2022


Every year we do a lot of diving in the various freshwater lakes of the Netherlands.

For example, for us, Vinkeveen, just a 30-minute drive away, is a frequently visited place.
But we also have Toolenburg, the Twiske and Hoofddorp nearby.

Occasionally we venture to lakes a little further away such as the Beldert, Nionplas or Veenmeer.

Surely my favorite fish are the pike. The big hunters are the freshwater barracudas, and in many places you can admire them at very close range.

Vinkeveen in particular has some very large ladies, as the females grow significantly larger than the males.

For the best results then use the 8mm fisheye or the 12mm wide-angle lenses for this.


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