Bird huts


Bird huts? Are you crazy or something.

So that was my reaction earlier, because what’s the point of spending whole days in a dark hidden hut taking pictures of birds?
Rather than diving and taking photos underwater.

But once you start taking pictures you find that there are such beautiful things to see above water that you still accept an invitation and join us for a day.

On this page I am going to put down many pictures with the links to the various cabins.

Now where have I been?

The Early Bird Hut: Known for the kingfishers!
Arjan Troost Birdhouses: Kingfishers and birds of prey
Han Bouwmeester bird huts: Really everything from everything to Gambia!
DJ Hut Photography: Huts around Purmerend and in Overloon

This is really a limited list, but are the cabins I’ve been to!

On the website of Vogelkijkhut you can find an overview of (almost) all huts in the Netherlands!

For any photographer interested in nature, I really have some advice, give it a try!

Mieke Noordanus took me the first time and I’ve been hooked ever since. The nature is very beautiful though and so you can also see birds and other animals that you normally hardly see!

Also very nice is to combine it with nature walks. The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes have now become a favorite area of ours. Deer, foxes and dozens of species of birds abound.
But in the meantime we have also discovered the Purmerbos, Hemmeland and the Twiske.

Still on the schedule include the Posbank, National Park the Veluwezoom and so on.

Foreign countries are also coming up, but first this year Bali!

If you want to join us sometime but a cabin or hike, let us know!


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