Raptor Workshop
The Early Bird Hut


On May 18, there was a spot available at the Raptor Photography Workshop at the Early Bird Lodge.
When I saw that which birds could come I registered right away.

My favorite bird, the American Osprey, or Bald Eagle, was able to make its appearance!

So out on the road, all the lenses along and the cameras properly set. 128gb of cards with it and also 7 batteries.

Once there, the birds were just unloaded and in the tremendously beautiful sunshine we could already see them gleaming. After a cup of coffee, we were taken to the meadow and the fun could begin. First some pictures of the birds on a stick but by request we started with the flying birds.

The first pictures were absolutely bad, I couldn’t get the trade to focus properly.
One of the other participants grabbed my camera and turned on the tracking. (I thought my camera didn’t have that)
And from then on it worked!

As soon as the bird comes into view the camera suddenly focuses on the bird! That makes a big difference!

The various birds have been flying wonderfully and how delightfully stubborn they can be! Not landing on the hand but a few meters away and so on.
What is really nice to see is how the birds trust the people of The Falcon Court, they come back, ask for attention and are incredibly sweet!

In the afternoon we could photograph the birds in the trees, a wheelbarrow or large stumps.

It was a wonderful day and highly recommended!


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