Perch caviar


It is time again for new life.

During this time there are other fish laying eggs. While in winter it is the snot wolf and the sea turtle, now it is the time for freshwater fish. The bass have been quite busy with the big strands.
In Vinkeveen it is full!

The funny thing is that you can find the eggs between 2 and 10 meters. And always on trees, branches and such.
There are strands of as much as a thick meter and many of them lie on top of each other. A perch can lay up to 200000 eggs at a time.

The eggs begin milky and become increasingly clear.
After a 23 to 25 days, the eggs hatch. It depends a bit on the water temperature.

I took the pictures with the 60mm macro lens, the cmc front lens from Nauticam and then exposed with the Snootysnut with the smallest hole.

It was a challenge but I am very pleased with the result!


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