The last eggs
of the perch


Diving in on a Wednesday to watch beard eggs again anyway, always a good idea when the weather is a bit nice!

So with Shelley and friends, we went right after work. Filling bottles at Airdiving and building things up. Our friends arrived and, after a pleasant chat, into the water.

Right at the entrance there were some nice big and especially old bass! A perch was just up against black.

About 6 feet by the branches next to the rope there were still some remnants of eggs, but what a difference from a week ago. About 90% of all the eggs have already hatched or been eaten by the now more active gobies. Very few crayfish to be seen though, I feel that was different other years.
The number of mussels and budget also seems to be decreasing significantly in the last 2 years.

Still managed to find some remnants of eggs in several places but it was really searching now. Fortunately, I was still able to get some nice pictures of it.

At the end of the dive, at the branch forest, we tried some with tiny polyps growing there. Even that succeeded, despite the Snooty note with the smallest aperture.

In the 15-degree water temperature, it really wasn’t bad to just float!


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