Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes
lost your way!


Last Saturday, we went for a change from diving!

Hiking in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. We had received a tip about a place where young foxes would be. So off in good spirits.

From a good friend to borrow her 100-400mm Olympus lens. So even though they would be far away, I could take a nice picture of them.

I do not know the area at all but you would think that with a map with the route on it, finding your way would not be difficult. And I’m pretty good with navigation 😉

Well, no so. Apparently I’m not very good, because we ran completely the wrong way.
Instead of piece north and then west we ended up walking west, south, north and east back to the car hahaha

But the weather was lovely!

Due to the nice weather as it was quite crowded, so most of the deer stayed at a distance. With some detours still managed to shoot some nice pictures with the nice lens, and for the foxes? Thursday we will go on repeat!


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