Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes
What a beautiful area!


Third time’s the charm and so it was!

We headed out the door at 6 this morning to the Amsterdam Waterworks Dunes.
A huge nature reserve filled with deer, fallow deer, foxes and many more birds and insects.

Out and about with Olympus’ new 100-400 lens. A beast of a lens but with very good internal stabilization and perfect sharpness.

We walked onto the grounds at 6:45 am. At the entrance de Zilk there were 2 other cars and 2 men were photographing the last fog.

We turned directly right from the entrance and had marked out a route to a foxes’ nest using coordinates. Over 6km of hiking so right into the pass and go! Familiar stretches interspersed with the final stretch of the new route.

Truly unbelievable, after 100 meters we encountered the first deer and so it continued on the way out. Every few meters, these beautiful beasts were standing or lying in the rising sun, enjoying themselves. So lots of pictures taken, but our main goal was a little smaller.

After a good hour of walking we saw a lady sprawled on the ground along the water. So pass accelerate and then we saw it.

A young fox circled around her and allowed herself to be photographed from all positions. The little creature was extremely quiet, so we were able to get nice and close.

Walk around, lie down for a while, walk around again. It looked like a mannequin.
Near his spot in the shade (under the edge of a lid of the water collection) was another leg of deer, so he even had food there.

We were able to watch and take pictures and film at our leisure.

After a cry from somewhere in the bushes, he suddenly ran away and we didn’t see him again.

After walking around some more looking for tracks and maybe another nest, it was quickly getting warmer and we headed back toward the car.
When we started hiking it was 14 degrees, back at the car it was already 27 degrees!

Soon but another time, this is really enjoyable!


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