The foxes of the

Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes



And so it was weekend again and together with Mieke and Waldemar we went into the Waterleidingduinen again.

We met at an unchristian time, at 6 a.m. at the Panneland entrance. That’s a different place from where we normally go in but then on our return we have a nice little restaurant there.

Quietly started off towards the place called “the fox castle” in the circles there. Is an hour’s walk. On the way quietly look around and then you really see many deer and fallow deer!
Every but meter you can see them standing, walking or lying down.

After a 4km walk we had to cross narrow bridge and then turn right. Continue the road to a t-junction and then turn right.
At the t-junction, Mieke was already walking to the right when I saw a brown spot 5 meters to the left. And yes, last week’s fox cub! Mieke called and we sat down together on the floor. And our little friend came to us nicely and sniffed between us for a delightful 10 minutes until a large fallow deer startled him.

Quietly walked another 150 meters or so and there we were pointed out by other early birds to an adult fox sitting on the roadside.
This beautiful lady squealed like crazy and had something in her mouth.

Suddenly she flew into the dunes and after 30 seconds a screech! So we crossed the dunes and there was mom with 3 young. The children fought a bit over a dead mouse. That one was consumed very quickly and the young ones also just ran between us again! Actually, they came too close because with the 100-400 lens, it doesn’t help you if they are on your toes 🙂

I went with Mieke into the dunes about 300 meters behind the family and so we had a lot of great moments with these magnificent beasts.

So completely satisfied, we returned to the car, but after only a few hundred meters we encountered another fox. A nice big guy who was hunting at ease. Then you look your eyes out. He even tried to grab and eat dragonflies.

But yes, it was getting very warm so we walked on quietly and yes, mama fox again with 1 young. At the water’s edge, drinking nicely.
In the dune area, fortunately for the foxes, there is never a shortage of water.

So we really had a great day with lots of beasts and fun with Mieke and Waldemar! We are guaranteed to do that again!


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