Amersfoort Zoo

Fun, especially for children!

Noordelijke Giraffe

Sunday morning we were out early to the DierenPark Amersfoort.

Picked this park because I had never been there before and some other people might go with me. But they blew it off, they wanted to sleep in 😉

At 9 o’clock it goes. park open and we were at the door. Using the tickets we ordered online, we were able to go right in.

It is a small-sized park, but there is plenty to see.
What is special though is that this park is very much geared toward children. There is a lot of explanation about the animals, it is not a long walk throughout the park and there are lots of play attractions for the children.

We began the first tour and to our surprise, many of the animals were still in their night quarters. As an example, the elephants stood obediently in front of the fence to go outside but so could not go outside yet. The prairie dogs weren’t there yet either, so more beasts were hard to see.

But then around 10 o’clock they came out and we did the round again.

Anyway, it’s still enjoyable with all those beasts! And again, the 100-400mm lens was a winner!


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