The Falling Stars

The effects of the comet Swift-Tuttle
a beautiful spectacle


Every year on Aug. 13 you have a meteor swarm. This is because of the remnants of the tail of comet Swift-Tuttle. This comet passes the orbit of every 133 years. the earth.
When a comet, a large rock/ice/metal lump floating through space, comes near the sun, some of it melts off, the well-known tail!
Thus, the tail consists of particles of the comet.

Then when the Earth passes through those dust particles and they reach our atmosphere, those particles burn up and voila, we have a shooting star. Or a beautiful luminous streak in the sky.

Now, of course, this is not the only way around. shooting stars to see but you can see a swarm several times a year. However, the Perseids are the most famous!

In October, the 22nd, there are the Orionids. These are also highly visible this year.

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