Bali 2023,

From small to smaller and smallest!



Vacation 2023, it turned out to be Bali again after all.

We love coming here, Matahari Tulamben, with the most lovely staff and fantastic place to dive from! It is a beautiful, small resort with good facilities.
Both the dive center and the restaurant are very good.
From Balinese to Thai, everything is there.

The owner, Suci, has everything under control and her staff is so incredibly sweet and helpful!

Over the past few days, I have cursorily reviewed all 5,000 photos from 40 dives and picked out the seemingly best ones like this. So these are virtually unprocessed.

Much time went into matching the correct Latin names. There luckily through Facebook I got the necessary help.
Most help comes from Yuri Ivanov, one of the authors of the book “Nudibranch of the Coral Triangle“. Yuri was at the resort himself during this trip and he gave many tips, while also pushing us to take the best picture. He said, “don’t come back without good pictures!”. Then in the evening he joined us to see what we had brewed from it. And he was satisfied too 🙂

I can clearly see from my photos that all of Ron Offermans ‘ tips & tricks are finally paying off and I’ve progressed quite a bit. Thanks Ron!

Thanks to Erik de Boer, my photo buddy on this vacation and Shelley Schaap, my friend and model!

On to next year!


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