Dutch Underwater Photography Championships,

Gold with the team competition!


Dutch Underwater Photography Championship 2023, Team competition!

A few weeks after the previous award ceremony that had been disappointing for me, things began to itch again.
And after some contact with Master Ron Offermans, I decided to participate again anyway, but I wanted to compete in the team competition with some acquaintances. For fun, the knowledge of others and thus the chance to learn something again.

So I started talking to Mieke Noordanus and Sofie Kempeneer. Both of them I have known for a long time and I have a lot of confidence in them. Since a team must have at least 4 people on it, it was a matter of finding someone to join it. Sofie brought on Angelique van Oorschot and after some back and forth chatting, the deal was done.

Then another name! Sofie has a darling little daughter, Hannah, and she, in turn, loves Frozen. So team Frozen was born!

Getting the team together for a first meeting was quite a challenge partly due to the distances but we got it done! Unfortunately without our Captain, Ron was on vacation. But we all had a pleasant swim at Bergse Diepsluis, then continued our conversation at a restaurant around the corner.

The first photos came in, we were in regular contact via Whatsapp and shared the photos there. We could also follow along with each other via a shared album on our phones.

Finally, a team meeting at Ron’s home succeeded, and there we were presented with a “Winning Images” workshop.

We did a lot of diving with good and not so good results (especially with me not so good).

Finally, I went diving with Sofie for one more day at Dreischor. The first dive was fun, and especially helped Sofie find fun topics.
On the second dive, really 5 meters from the jetty, we suddenly came across a cauliflower jellyfish hanging just right in pretty clear water. After about 50 photos I was done and satisfied! Still saved my team competition!

But yes, that’s when it starts.
A load of good and even better photos of everyone came into the app and then choices had to be made. You can submit a maximum of 2 photos per participant and then it is therefore a matter of choosing and seeing what the other team members and of course the coach think.

Because of the vacations coming up, we very quickly booked an evening at Sofie’s house and the 5 of us sat down.

The funny thing is that we had chosen certain photos on phone and tablet as our preference but once we saw the photos on big screen we surprisingly came to different choices. But choices we all supported.

So after a 2-hour consultation, we had chosen the 6 photos and were satisfied!
But then again, it’s a jury sport, so what do the judges think?

So wait and see, from Sept. 20 to the end of November!

Then comes the evening of the awards ceremony! Unfortunately, Mieke and Angelique were on vacation so Ron, Sofie and I were in Vianen for the awards ceremony. Always exciting but nice to see so many acquaintances again!

After some talk and prizes for starters and such, it was the team competition’s turn. Then they first show the order of participants from last place to 4th place.
We were not among them! So even more nerves and anxiously watching the final 3.

Not 3!
Not 2!

We made it to gold!

Short stage ceremony and then a nice gold plaque around the neck!
The cup went with Sofie and it now sits there nicely in the house.
And soon a day all together to Todi, because that was our prize.

Thus, it was another successful year! Certainly with an honorable place at the No-Limits competition!
(I won’t say anything about the poodle prize at the masters haha)

Ron, Thanks for the coaching. On to next year!
Mieke, thank you for the pointed comments and fun!
Sofie, gracias for all the years of friendship and the wonderful dives!
Angelique, merci for the new insights and good comments!

And Shelley, thank you for all the time and patience!


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