in the

Hippocampus hippocampus

When I started diving, I wanted to see a seahorse underwater.

That was quite a challenge because they were not very common in the Netherlands. Once I dived with friends at the Zeeland Bridge and then they showed me a seahorse, or at least I didn’t see the beautiful creature because I thought diving was too exciting at the time and so I overlooked it.

But then through Lia van der Laan, who knew a seahorse at Bergse Diepsluis (near Tholen) i finally saw a seahorse for the first time!

By now I have seen several of them and I hereby show you the photos from the past 3 years.

The nice thing is also that because of the global warming there are more seahorses. The cleaner water will also help, of course. The seahorses are also there longer now, from about May/June to the end of October!

It is truly a joy to watch it!

I used the 60mm macro lens with ucl-165 and Nauticam CMC front lenses.
Also on the flash(Sea&Sea YS-D3) used a SnootySnoot!


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