Lipophrys pholis

Like any photographer, you have your own preference for what your best photos are.

That is quite. difficult because as for example in 2022 with the vacation in Bali I did take a 6,000 photos in that year. Then try to come up with your own top 10.

Now, of course, it’s true that you don’t keep all your photos. Out of focus, over- or underexposed and too much litter, for example, for me it’s straight to the round archive.
Then you keep between 1 and sometimes 30 decent photos per dive.

So from that selection, using Photoshop and such, you’re going to see which photos are really worth saving.
You check exposure, color and contrast. Can it be made more beautiful or is every edit equal a change that produces no results.

Sometimes then it means that from a dive you are really only left with 1 photo and you still think “I’m not satisfied”

But yes, then just the next dive another chance!

Photography, especially underwater, remains a process of repeating and consulting with others. Also of course just checking off what someone else is doing and how that compares to your own pictures. And fortunately, many photographers are always helpful and you can learn a lot from each other!


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