Diving Goggles

Duikbril op sterkte

When you come of age, the eyes sometimes want to deteriorate. The first thing that started with me was farsightedness. Oftentimes, up close I can’t see a nut.
It started with the fine print and the dive computer, suddenly unreadable.

After that it got a little worse but fortunately it only sticks to the fine print. At a distance of a meter or more, I see everything sharply.

But how do you solve something like that underwater? Because putting on glasses like above water is really not an option.
I have been looking for a long time because going to a dive store with your prescription from the ophthalmologist will not work very well. Most dive stores are good at diving but they really can’t fit goggles. (sorry dive stores)

Through a good friend, I ended up with an optician who is a diving instructor himself. And therefore does know what he is talking about!
So contacted Sietze of Greving & Greving, Divevision from Hoogeveen. So after a good conversation, we made an appointment.

A week later I sat with Sietze and after first talking a bit about diving he did a complete eye measurement. He also asked why I was having trouble seeing underwater. So the story about photography came up and the fact that I could not therefore see sharply enough what I was setting on the camera.
So that was an eye opener, because standard reading glasses are so wrong in terms of focus point. After all, you have the camera close to your face now.

So Sietze came up with a solution! And because he cuts and glues the glasses himself, he can therefore provide perfect customization.

The glasses with the right lenses arrived at my door a week after our visit to him. And what a huge difference that made. I saw everything sharply and as a result, my photos got a lot better too!


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