Ice sculptures
from the Netherlands to Indonesia


Last Saturday we went outside our comfort zone once again and drove to Zwolle with friends.

There is an ice sculpture festival there every year and this year we went to check it out.

Very briefly, how cool!

260,000 pounds of ice and snow processed into the most beautiful sculptures, up to over 3 meters high. And there really is everything from our Zeeland Girl to an Indian. Indonesian dancers, fish, hippos and many other beasts.

One section in the IJsselhallen is set up as a large freezer, the temperature inside is just -10 degrees Celsius.
Through a decent airlock, you can then enter and follow the path along the statues. You are looking at your eyes.

The only thing disappointing was the number of visitors; we still stood in line for about 30 minutes to get inside, despite a reserved time slot. And inside, it was hard to get room to take a picture.

But it comes highly recommended, the festival is still there for a few weeks!

I used the Olympus OMD E-m1 Mark 2 with 12mm lens. Shutter speed 1/100 and iso 400.
Aperture I had to adjust for each photo but it was between 2.8 and 5.6.
The light did make it very difficult to get the small details right in the photo, the bottom of the images what well exposed but just the top with the faces and such were actually just too dark!


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