Ice diving

IJsduiken met Shelley

In February 2021, we finally had the opportunity to go ice diving.
After several days of good frost, there was finally a good layer of ice and it was touch and go.

At Scuba Academy in Vinkeveen, the harbor had frozen over nicely and they were able to carve a paak wakken in it. Also, the men from Scuba Academy laid out 2 nice courses underwater so all you have to do is follow the line and then follow a fun lap under the ice.

So the first day we obediently followed the line and then swam through the shallower part in the harbor. As a first introduction to ice diving, this was quite something special. All the colors change and you can nicely see the textures in the ice.
Even at the edges of the water and around e poles, there are still some nice things to see.

Then when you got out of the water with sub-zero temperatures, in a few seconds everything was frozen, both your suit and camera were a lump of ice!
Fortunately, you can change inside in the relative warmth.

The second day, Shelley and I had a different plan after all. As certified cave divers, we were able to make the dives without guidance and took it on the second day.

At the farthest point of the line, we rolled out a reel and swam down a 30-meter course, away from the dust of the other divers.
Taking into account the cold and, of course, the amount of air, we took some pictures at a patch of clear ice. Above water you then say beautiful black ice, but under water everything then turns blue.

We really enjoyed 2 days of ice diving, now just waiting for another time!


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