Carnival? Me?
I didn’t think so!

I lived in Didam at the time and carnival was quite a thing there anyway, but other than watching the annual parade I really didn’t and don’t do anything with it.
Two weeks ago, Roy and Jeanet came up with the idea of joining them to watch the Parade of Lights.
The small village of Standdaarbuiten with 1,700 inhabitants has one of the most beautiful parades with the illuminated carnival floats they called out.

After a little search on Youtube, it did indeed turn out to be quite an experience so we said, nice, we’ll come watch!

Well, that became quite an experience and what beautiful cars! Some seemed to be about making as much noise as possible but even then the cars were very nicely lit.

We enjoyed it and I have put a small selection of the cars herewith.

All photos were taken with the OMD E-M1 mark 2, 8mm fisheye lens and the settings were as follows: Iso 800, aperture 2.0 and shutter speed 1/60.


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