I had to be in Gent this week for an education fair. In 2019 I was here the first time and already then had the idea to go back once but with the camera.

So now it was that time again and the OMD with the 12mm lens along.
A good hotel in the middle of town and a colleague born and raised in Gent, Sven De Mey (yes with a capital d!), took me on a tour of the city.

What tremendously beautiful buildings and extraordinary stories there are about this city. I looked my eyes out and am sure, I will go back again this summer with nice weather when all the terraces along the waterfront are also full!

Take St. Baafs Cathedral, where the first crypt was consecrated on this site and thus now stands an impressive cathedral.
This cathedral also houses the painting “The Lamb of God.” A painting from 1432.

Also of interest is the Groot Vleeshuis from 1408. So here only meat was traded while in the street opposite only vegetables were traded.

Gent City Hall, from 1519, is a tremendously beautiful building in late Gothic style.

Thus, the entire city is filled with the most beautiful buildings from different periods. The city is really worth spending a weekend there. It is teeming with delicious restaurants and the nicest pubs with a huge collection of beers!

Have fun!


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