Team meeting
poor visibility

Pijlinktvis eieren

Met with the team for the ONK yesterday at Bergse Diepsluis.

Weather forecasts ranged all week from a beautiful day to pouring rain. But we persevered anyway.

So except for our coach Ron Offermans, we were there, with our supporters.

So Sofie, Angelique and Mieke and I. Our team name is really laughing, Frozen.
Because Sofie’s daughter is absolutely crazy about Frozen, we chose this name. Fortunately, we don’t have to dive into Elsa’s dress 🙂

We have known each other for some years, from previous dives and even from Aquashot Zuid-Holland years ago!

First, just a dip in the warmer waters of the Eastern Scheldt.

Underwater at low tide, visibility was poor anyway. Especially around the platform it was a huge dust mess. And since Mr. Snotolf was not home we swam quickly to the left, looking for the sticks that Lia placed everywhere.

Found the sticks and there the visibility was a bit better with about 2 meters of visibility anyway.
But other than some small flatfish and green seaweed snails, there was little to experience.

Still found beautiful fresh eggs of the squid and a photogenic harvestman crab.

Finally just under an hour full, I had my zipper open 2mm and so I was wet down to literally my underwear! Good thing we always have dry clothes with us!

After the dive, we stood around talking for a while but then it started raining really hard and we went to a nice restaurant to continue our conversation. The team is ready! (Now me because my teammates are much better with photography)

It was such a successful day!


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