Snotolf with macro


Well, a new GoPro and plans for the snails on Dreischor.
But we were too slow so we ended up driving to Bergse Diepsluis via Underwater House.

Once there, we had a sandwich and changed clothes.
The moment we want to climb stairs we get a tip about a beautiful critter on the platform.
So water in, get everything ready and head straight for the platform.
After about 2 minutes, we had found it, and then just a vigorous scavenger hunt around the platform.

Suddenly in the corner of my eye I see a lamp demanding attention, Shelley has found something!
And as I get closer I see it too, a nice big orange snotolf!
Impressive and fun. Close to Shelley and he calmly swims past her.

We swam with this beauty for 40 minutes. From attacking camera to coming down on your hand. What a sociable animal this is!

Thank you Mr. Snotolf!



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