in April
a veritable snail feast!

Facelina bostoniensis

Finally winter seems to be over and beautiful weather is expected!

So on the Saturday before Easter we agreed to meet Erik de Boer and off to Dreischor.
This dive site is also called the French Cook Reef.
In the parking lot, Sandra Boerlage and Paul van der Steen, among others, were also present, so we had a nice chat before taking action.

Via a rather steep staircase and a long jetty we quickly entered the water, because the first time after a long time walking with the set on, and of course the 7 kg camera, is quite heavy!
So panting and well into the water, which by now is touching 10 degrees again!

Descending slowly, we see that it is just good visibility, about 5 meters we make it!
At about 4 meters then hang still for a moment and trim the camera. Turn on, flash on and make sure the snoots are in the right place. Those snoots always need some work and so the first pictures are too dark until they are really right.

Then on to the reefballs at about 7 meters. And then just see what we come across.
Oh, that was pretty easy! Snails! In all shapes and sizes. Wherever you look, broad ring snails and green seaweed snails.

Shelley started filming and I started working on the pictures. What a treat, they are really everywhere and nowhere and so you can choose which ones are the best for a good photo with everything you want on it.

We had left the heating at home and that was a good choice! Again, with drysuit and the 400 grams underneath, it’s fine!

The pictures are below again, I don’t have the green seaweed snail and the club snail there now, I didn’t think they turned out well.

Tomorrow maybe another attempt!


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