Artificial Intelligence in Photoshop


We are bombarded to death with Artificial Intelligence these days.

The principle is very simple, teach a computer a trick, add additional software and let the computer perform the trick. By adding a variable, the computer will arrive at a slightly different outcome, and so the computer learns more and more.
Currently, it is already the case that AI can write letters, change photos but, unfortunately, literally make up stories that are almost indistinguishable from reality.

Where this will ultimately lead is impossible to say.
Will we get a kind of computers with their own lives, think of the movie “war games,” will we see computers (even) more as living things, or will computers soon take over the world?

We can have lots of discussions about this but it is clear that computers make our lives a lot easier. Surely the bad side of social media, for example, is really because of us humans and not the computers.

But back on track for a moment, for some time now Photoshop has had an AI option in several places.
For example, to remove noise at high iso or to shift the depth of field in a photo. Recently, there are also options to add, for example, bits you miss in the photo. Tail of a fish? No problem.

I use it myself mostly for noise, it really gives incredibly nice results!

I took a pile of photos yesterday in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes to make a panorama 360. I merged 13 photos in PS, you can do that yourself.
File – Automatic – Photopmerge

If you then follow the directions you will get a nice flowing picture of 13 pictures. See photo 1.

Then comes the fun stuff with AI!

Select cutout
Drag the frame upward to enlarge the photo. An empty plane will appear.
In the little window, then click generative expand and then generate.

PS is going to do some serious math and then you get 3 options how the photo can look.
See photo 2 for the final result!

Soon I will have a course with Ron Offermans for more tricks, because this is really fun anyway!

Of course the point is to shoot a picture well, but sometimes this is fun.
When I start applying AI to my photos I put online I will include AI in the description everywhere!

How do you find this and how will you take advantage of it?


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