Bali 2022

Lightnights Aqualuna 2022

Candy Crab

In September and October 2022, we vacationed in Bali. This was the 4th time for me and all the times I have been in Tulamben.

There sits the Matahari Resort, run by Ni Komang Suci. She herself has originally been a chef at several hotels and therefore has a good idea of how something like this works.
Because of this, there is very good service, clean rooms and above all very good food!

The diving facilities are also very well organized with lots of very experienced guides. I myself take a guide with me on just about every dive, purely because these guys really know how to find everything I would overlook on my own.

Right outside the door of the resort you have a load of dive sites like the USAT Liberty, Coral Garden and the DropOff. At the dropoff un you take the boat a little further and then you really have the most beautiful pristine, colorful dive sites where you encounter all sorts of things.

Both wide angle and macro you can have fun with!


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