One of my old hobbies was aircraft spotting. Both civil and military aviation had my interest.

As a little boy, I went to Schiphol Airport with my parents. Then we stood next to the runway and watched the big and smaller planes take off. At the French fry shop present then grab a bite to eat and so we were comfortable standing there for a few hours watching.
But also the American base at Soesterberg was very interesting to me. Next to the runway was a fence where you could get pretty close. And the military police knew about it and let you watch quietly. Have seen aircraft depart from there several times at a “scramble.”

Nowadays, then, I live in Purmerend, and with a north wind the planes take off in our direction. Surely those are very nice pictures if the camera can stand for 3 hours or so in the right direction.
Even when the wind is southwest, we have a nice view here as the planes come our way via the IJsselmeer before turning toward Schiphol Airport.


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