Salt Water Zealand


When we get tired of fresh water we drive to Zeeland.

There is so much more to Zeeland than freshwater. Every season there has its charms.

In the winter we have the sea turtles with nests, and of course the snot wolf, the purveyor of caviar for the common man. The eggs have colors from white to bright red.

In the spring come the cuttlefish who, with their mating ritual, still provide a very beautiful spectacle.

More and more seahorses can be found in the summer! At many different dive sites you can enjoy this beautiful creature.

Then as soon as it becomes fall you have the young fish and cuttlefish.

Oh and of course different species of snails all year round!

Enjoyment under water but of course also above water! From the tastiest snack bar at dive site the Church Road(Even Pause) to nice restaurants everywhere with very good quality food. Personally, I like to go to Brouwershaven, Le Plaisanterie. There you can eat great food and the friendly staff makes it a party.


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